Crawl Cosplay Challenge

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Current challenge Set 16 Week 2: Gastronok the Ponderous

A voracious and surprisingly intelligent slug, devoted to eating everything and everyone he comes across, with a pointed hat perched rakishly atop his head. He acquired the hat the same way he acquired his intelligence and his knowledge of spells: by consuming their former owner, a powerful wizard.

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OctopodeSummoner or (Hedge) WizardCheibriados

Scoreboard for Set 16

Week 1. Nessos the Markcentaur Centaur, Hunter or Arcane Marksman, Ashenzari
Week 2. Gastronok the Ponderous Octopode, Summoner or (Hedge) Wizard, Cheibriados
Player Total 1. 2.
TheMeInTeam 100 4 5050
Lavandula 67 1 2245
Ge0ff 50 2 50 
LazyJones 50 2   
sauken 50 2   
Pseudoku 20 1  20
Djent 7 0 7