Crawl Cosplay Challenge

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Current challenge Set 13 Week 2: Menkaure, Prince of Dust

A fair and noble ruler of an ancient and mighty kingdom, mummified after an early death. His faithful priests subsequently infused him with great and powerful magic, seeking to grant him eternal life. Now he is forgotten and reduced to mouldering bandages and dry, brittle bones.

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Ghoul or MummyFighter or GladiatorOkawaru

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Scoreboard for Set 13

Week 1. Kirke, Weaver of Myths Demigod, Enchanter or Summoner, none
Week 2. Menkaure, Prince of Dust Ghoul or Mummy, Fighter or Gladiator, Okawaru
Player Total 1. 2.
Ge0ff 100 4 5050
Gutso 87 2 3750
MauveAvengr 72 2 2250
agentchuck 50 2 50 
sauken 50 2  50
krigyl 22 0 22 
Pseudoku 22 0 22 
RoGGa 20 0 20 
Djent 15 0 15