Crawl Cosplay Challenge

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Set 17 Week 4 : Mennas, the Voice of Zin

There was once a human priest named Mennas. He travelled far and wide preaching of Zin to any who would listen, going even so far as to travel into Orcish lands, preaching to orcs about laws and mercy. By all accounts the orcs were not happy with Mennas. They demanded he swear Beogh was the one true god, and when Mennas remained silent they cut out his tongue. Whether or not this angel is that same Mennas is something of a mystery, as he seems to have difficulty speaking.

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HumanFighter or MonkElyvilon, Zin, or The Shining One

The Species, Background, and God choices are all mandatory. You must be worshipping one of the gods listed above before entering Lair, Orc, or Depths, unless this isn't possible in which case you must worship them as soon as you can. Don't use faded altars (except in challenges where you can choose any god), and don't do anything to lose your religion unless otherwise specified.

Special Rule

You can switch gods freely for this challenge.

Cosplay conduct points

1. Weapons

Don't use any two-handed weapons.

2. Branch

Clear the Crypt.

3. Gods

Reach 6* piety with all three of the available gods over the course of the game. Additionally you should never intentionally go invisible, regardless of which god you are currently following.

Conducts are worth +5 points each, to a maximum of half your score from milestones, rounded down. (So if you achieve 4 milestones (20 points) you can earn up to 10 points from conduct bonuses.) Please indicate which conducts you qualify for when you post your morgue. Small mistakes in following conducts will usually be forgiven.

Bonus challenges

1. Silence is Golden

Don't read any of the following scrolls, other than use-IDing: blinking, fear, fog, immolation, summoning, teleportation, torment. You can disable auto-pickup of these items by pressing \.

You must get at least one rune to earn the star for this bonus challenge, but the limitation persists the entire game.

2. Mennas II Society

Don't enter the Orcish Mines until you have the orb of Zot. In the orb run, make your way down to Elf:3. You don't need to do anything other than get there. Zin will be extremely useful for this part of the game.

Bonus challenges are worth one star each, similar to banners in Crawl tournaments. Please indicate challenges that you qualify for. Small mistakes will usually be forgiven.


  • Reach XL3.
  • Enter Lair, Orc, or Depths.
  • Reach the bottom of D, Lair, or Orc.
  • Collect your first rune.
  • Find the entrance to Zot. (Just using magic mapping doesn't count.)
  • Collect your third rune.
  • Win the game.

The main way to score points. +5 points each, and can be done in any order.