Crawl Cosplay Challenge

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Set 10 Week 5 : Ignacio, Master of Excruciating Pain

While a mortal cannot turn into a demon aside from divine intervention, this is what happened to Ignacio after Makhleb saw his love for his job and smiled upon him. He is now slated to continue the joy of his life for all eternity. Although his new form includes a number of large razor-sharp blades growing from his demonic appendages, he kept his favourite axe and is eager to let you test its edge.

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The Species, Background, and God choices are all mandatory. You must be worshipping one of the gods listed above before entering Lair, Orc, or Depths, unless this isn't possible in which case you must worship them as soon as you can. Don't use faded altars (except in challenges where you can choose any god), and don't do anything to lose your religion unless otherwise specified.

Cosplay conduct points

1. Weapons

Only train Axes, Throwing, and Fighting for weapon skills. Choose a war axe as your starting weapon.

2. Armour

Don't use a shield. Reflection amulets are fine.

3. Armour

Don't wear any gloves.

Conducts are worth +5 points each, to a maximum of half your score from milestones, rounded down. (So if you achieve 4 milestones (20 points) you can earn up to 10 points from conduct bonuses.) Please indicate which conducts you qualify for when you post your morgue. Small mistakes in following conducts will usually be forgiven.

Bonus challenges

1. Enter sandman

Enter Pandemonium and win the game.

Many exits from Pan are through the Abyss, and having the Abyssal rune makes exits in the Abyss more likely to generate, so you may want to collect the Abyssal rune before entering Pan.

2. Reign in Blood

Don't take any stairs to a floor you've already been to, until your current floor is clear. You can always use stairs to go to a floor you haven't entered. You must get a rune to earn this star, but the challenge persists until you pick up the orb.

You might want to macro < to ' ' to avoid reflexively going back up stairs. You can still go upstairs with G< .

The intent of this challenge is "don't use stairs to retreat/stairdance" so as long as you follow that intent, you're fine. Here are some clarifications/exceptions, though:

  • For floors with multiple separate areas like Orc:1 often is, you can treat each area as a separate floor.

  • If you get stuck, fall into a shaft trap, or do something that otherwise breaks a normal floor progression, you can freely make your way back to where you were.

  • You can always dig, teleport, and shaft yourself.

  • You can ignore statues, ghost vaults, transporter vaults, the hall of blades, and other sealed areas.

  • The conduct does not apply in Pan, Hell branches other than the Vestibule, Tomb, Abyss, or any timed portals.

  • You can always enter Pan and the Abyss.

Bonus challenges are worth one star each, similar to banners in Crawl tournaments. Please indicate challenges that you qualify for. Small mistakes will usually be forgiven.


  • Reach XL3.
  • Enter Lair, Orc, or Depths.
  • Reach the bottom of D, Lair, or Orc.
  • Collect your first rune.
  • Find the entrance to Zot. (Just using magic mapping doesn't count.)
  • Collect your third rune.
  • Win the game.

The main way to score points. +5 points each, and can be done in any order.