Crawl Cosplay Challenge

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Challenge History

 Set 14 (scoreboard)
14.5 Prince Ribbit 0 Barachi Warper Fedhas, Ru, Okawaru, or Gozag
14.4 Mnoleg, Demon Lord of Chaos 4 Demonspawn Summoner Ashenzari, Hepliaklqana, Mahkleb, or Xom
14.3 Rupert the Wild 4 Human Berserker Trog
14.2 The Royal Jelly 6 Centaur or Palentonga Monk Any, optionally switching to Jiyva
14.1 Robin of the Strong Arm 10 Hill Orc Gladiator or Delver Beogh or Yredelemnul
 Set 13 (scoreboard)
13.5 Ilsuiw, Witch of the Tides 8 Merfolk Ice Elementalist Fedhas
13.4 Xtahua the Ancient 15 Ogre Transmuter Sif Muna
13.3 Seraph 13 Gargoyle Fighter The Shining One
13.2 Menkaure, Prince of Dust 11 Ghoul or Mummy Fighter or Gladiator Okawaru
13.1 Kirke, Weaver of Myths 10 Demigod Summoner or Enchanter none
 Set 12 (scoreboard)
12.5 Norris the Nihilist 10 Human or Deep Dwarf Fighter or Gladiator Ru
12.4 Sojobo, Queen of Tengu 14 Tengu Gladiator or Air Elementalist Qazlal
12.3 The Hellbinder 10 Human Summoner Nemelex Xobeh
12.2 Dowan and Duvessa, Elven Siblings 13 Deep Elf Mage or Melee Hepliaklqana
12.1 Blork the Orc 8 Hill Orc Wizard Sif Muna or Vehumet
 Set 11 (scoreboard)
11.5 Purgy the Meek 15 Troll Monk Any
11.4 Crazy Yiuf the Enlightened 14 Gnoll Chaos Knight Xom
11.3 Cerebov, Demon Lord of Fire and Steel 11 Demonspawn Fire Elementalist Makhleb
11.2 Norbert the Warrior 10 Human Fighter Okawaru, Trog, or Uskayaw
11.1 Arachne the Weaver 11 Octopode or Human Venom Mage Vehumet
 Set 10 (scoreboard)
10.5 Ignacio, Master of Excruciating Pain 9 Ghoul Gladiator Makhleb
10.4 The Cloud Mage 6 Human Air Elementalist Qazlal
10.3 Dissolution, High Priest of Jiyva 4 Formicid Transmuter Any, eventually converting to Jiyva
10.2 Vashnia the Elite Marksnaga 8 Naga Arcane Marksman Okawaru
10.1 Maurice the Thief 9 Human or Vine Stalker Assassin Dithmenos
 Set 9 (scoreboard)
9.5 Pikel the Slaver 14 Kobold Gladiator Yredelemnul
9.4 Mad Acolyte of Lugonu 12 Deep Elf Abyssal Knight, Wizard, Conjurer, or Summoner Any, eventually converting to Lugonu
9.3 Nergalle the Soulbinder 17 Hill Orc Necromancer Kikubaaqudgha
9.2 Eustachio the Magnificent 17 Human Summoner Any, except for Trog
9.1 Pandemonium Lord 25 Demonspawn Wanderer Any
 Set 8 (scoreboard)
8.5 Natasha, Servant of Life and Death 13 Felid or Spriggan Wizard Kikubaaqudgha, Sif Muna, or Vehumet
8.4 Maud the Forgotten 14 Kobold Fighter Okawaru
8.3 Cigotuvi's Monster 13 Octopode Chaos Knight Xom and Jiyva
8.2 Harold the Weathered 13 Human or Halfling Gladiator or Warper Ashenzari, Uskayaw, or The Wu Jian Council
8.1 Grinder the Shadow Imp 14 Demonspawn Enchanter Kikubaaqudgha
 Set 7 (scoreboard)
7.5 Margery the Dragonslayer 6 Human Fire Elementalist Ashenzari
7.4 Roxanne, Geomancer Emeritus 8 Formicid Earth Elementalist Cheibriados
7.3 Gloorx Vloq, Demon Lord of Darkness 8 Demonspawn Necromancer Vehumet
7.2 Agnes the Wanderer 5 Spriggan Gladiator Okawaru
7.1 Erolcha the Cunning 6 Ogre Wizard Any, except for Trog
 Set 6 (scoreboard)
6.6 Geryon, Gatekeeper of Hell 9 Naga Gladiator or Skald Hepliaklqana
6.5 The Serpent of Hell 10 Draconian Any, except Zealots (Berserker, Abyssal Knight, Chaos Knight) Nemelex Xobeh
6.4 Ereshkigal, Queen of Tartarus 6 Vampire Enchanter Dithmenos
6.3 Asmodeus, Prince of Gehenna 6 Tengu Fire Elementalist Sif Muna
6.2 Antaeus, Guardian of Cocytus 7 Ogre Ice Elementalist or Air Elementalist Ashenzari
6.1 Dispater, Lord of the Iron City 9 Gargoyle Earth Elementalist Makhleb
 Set 5 (scoreboard)
5.5 Josephine the Decaying Necromancer 5 Human or Ghoul Necromancer Kikubaaqudgha
5.4 The Moon Troll 6 Troll Artificer Lugonu, Nemelex Xobeh, Qazlal, or The Shining One
5.3 Terence the Incautious 4 Human Wanderer Any
5.2 Jory the Bloodstained Count 10 Vampire Gladiator, Skald, or Earth Elementalist Any
5.1 Fannar the Cold Hearted 14 Deep Elf or High Elf Ice Elementalist Sif Muna
 Set 4 (scoreboard)
4.5 Frederick The Flawless 16 Demigod or Human Conjurer Any (including none)
4.4 Asterion the Fallen King 15 Minotaur Fighter or Skald Makhleb
4.3 Khufu the Undying Pharaoh 12 Mummy or Ghoul Any Kikubaaqudgha or Yredelemnul
4.2 Bai Suzhen, Madam White Snake 19 Draconian Gladiator (with Staff) Fedhas or Qazlal
4.1 Psyche the Insane Magess 14 Human Any Mage Xom
 Set 3 (scoreboard)
3.5 Frances, Duchess of Pandemonium 16 Human or Demonspawn Gladiator Makhleb
3.4 The Lernaean Hydra 15 Merfolk Transmuter Ashenzari, Elyvilon, or Okawaru
3.3 Grum the Hunter 18 Gnoll Summoner Okawaru
3.2 Aizul the Neglectful Guardian 15 Felid Venom Mage Ru, Uskayaw, or the Wu Jian Council
3.1 Mara, Lord of Illusions 15 Demonspawn Fire Elementalist Dithmenos
 Set 2 (scoreboard)
2.6 Bonus Week: Joseph, a Mercenary 11 Human or Halfling Gladiator (quarterstaff) or Hunter (sling) Gozag
2.5 Nikola the Mad Inventor 7 Human or Vine Stalker Air Elementalist Ashenzari, Sif Muna, or Vehumet
2.4 Ijyb the Twisted Goblin 11 Halfling Artificer Gozag, Uskayaw (not in 0.18), or Pakellas (0.18 only)
2.3 Sigmund the Dreaded 10 Human Gladiator (trident), Monk (spear), or Enchanter Nemelex Xobeh
2.2 Urug the Orcish Ballista 10 Hill Orc Hunter (with Javelins) Okawaru
2.1 Polyphemus the Watchful Shepherd 11 Ogre Summoner Hepliaklqana
 Set 1 (scoreboard)
1.15 Boris, Master of Life and Death 0 Mummy Conjurer Any (Recommended: Ash, Gozag, Ru, Veh, Kiku)
1.14 Mennas, the Voice of Zin 2 Human Fighter or Monk Elyvilon, Zin, or The Shining One
1.13 Jorgrun Earthshaker 2 Deep Dwarf Earth Elementalist Any (you probably want Makhleb or Ru)
1.12 Saint Roka the Messiah 1 Hill Orc Monk Beogh
1.11 The Enchantress 0 Spriggan Enchanter Fedhas
1.10 Louise the Corrupted 0 Human Abyssal Knight (unless you attempt the first Bonus Challenge) Lugonu
1.9 Lom Lobon, Demon Lord of Forbidden Knowledge 1 Demonspawn Ice Elementalist or Air Elementalist Sif Muna
1.8 Donald the Adventurer 1 Merfolk or Barachi Fighter Okawaru