Crawl Cosplay Challenge

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Set 1

Week 1. Joseph, a Mercenary Human, Gladiator or Hunter, Gozag
Week 2. Sonja, the Graceful Assassin Kobold, Assassin/Abyssal Knight/Warper, Dithmenos/Lugonu/Uskayaw/Wu Jian Council
Week 3. Azrael the Boundless Flame Tengu, Fire Elementalist, Vehumet
Week 4. Snorg the Insatiable Troll, Berserker, Trog
Week 5. Jessica the Apprentice Sorceress Human, Any Mage, except Necromancer, Kikubaaqudgha
Week 6. Nessos the Markcentaur Centaur, Hunter or Arcane Marksman, Ashenzari
Week 7. Gastronok the Ponderous Octopode, Summoner or Wizard, Cheibriados
Week 8. Donald the Adventurer Merfolk or Barachi, Fighter, Okawaru
Week 9. Lom Lobon, Demon Lord of Forbidden Knowledge Demonspawn, Ice Elementalist or Air Elementalist, Sif Muna
Week 10. Louise the Corrupted Human, Abyssal Knight, Lugonu
Week 11. The Enchantress Spriggan, Enchanter, Fedhas
Week 12. Saint Roka the Messiah Hill Orc, Monk, Beogh
Week 13. Jorgrun Earthshaker Deep Dwarf, Earth Elementalist, Any
Week 14. Mennas, the Voice of Zin Human, Fighter or Monk, Elyvilon/Zin/The Shining One
Week 15. Boris, Master of Life and Death Mummy, Conjurer, Any

The Cosplay Challenge was originally run as a continuous series, before the concept of dividing it into sets was introduced. The initial challenges are all grouped as "Set 1."

The scoring system was different, with a perfect score being 70 points. The totals have been adjusted here so that players wishing to try these challenges can submit runs using the current scoring scheme. See the reddit thread for week 15 for the original score totals.

Player Total 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
Pseudoku 77 5 15     20     2220 
EthnicCake 50 2             50  
Gutso 50 2            50   
LazyJones 50 2        50       
pedritolo 50 2              50