Crawl Cosplay Challenge

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Adding new Submission for Set 2 Week 4 : Ijyb the Twisted Goblin

Milestones (+5 each)

The main way to score points. +5 points each, and can be done in any order. (You don't need to tell me which milestones you achieve.)

Conducts (+5 each*) Use only short blades, maces & flails, and throwing weapons (including blowguns). Untrained UC is also allowed.

Don't cast any spells that are level 4 or higher.

Train evocations to at least skill level 16.

* Conducts are worth +5 points each, to a maximum of half your score from milestones, rounded down. (So if you achieve 4 milestones (20 points) you can earn up to 10 points from conduct bonuses.) Please indicate which conducts you qualify for when you post your morgue. Small mistakes in following conducts will usually be forgiven.

Bonus From the time you enter your first rune branch (except the Abyss) until you get a rune (except the Abyssal rune), don't use any weapons except a club, including throwing weapons. The rune you get doesn't have to match the first rune branch you enter, but you have to stay with a club even if you back out of a branch. Unlike last week, this challenge is complete once you get a rune, and you can throw your club in the lava and go back to using a real weapon. If you enter a timed portal (e.g. Ice Cave), you can switch back to other weapons while in this portal. If you worship Gozag, you can't bribe the branch you get the rune from, or else it doesn't fulfill this conduct. To be clear, you can still enchant and brand your club with scrolls.

Get all 15 runes. Note that in 0.18, Tomb is considerably easier, since the one-way stairs hadn't been implemented yet.

Bonus challenges are worth one star each, similar to banners in Crawl tournaments. Please indicate challenges that you qualify for. Small mistakes will usually be forgiven.

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