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Adding new Submission for Set 9 Week 4 : Mad Acolyte of Lugonu

Milestones (+5 each)

The main way to score points. +5 points each, and can be done in any order. (You don't need to tell me which milestones you achieve.)

Conducts (+5 each*) Attack only with distortion branded melee weapons, tomahawks of dispersal, and nets, from the time you enter any rune branch onward (except the Abyss). You are still allowed to wield staves and other weapons if you don't attack with them, and you can attack unarmed. You must have a distortion weapon in your inventory to qualify for this conduct. However you can still enter rune branches before you have a distortion weapon; you're just prohibited from attacking with non-distortion weapons.

Have the spell Malign Gateway castable at 10% failure or less. You do not actually have to have the spell memorized, though; you can see your failure rate by looking up the spell, by pressing `?/s` and then typing `malign gateway`.

Don't get the Abyssal rune.

* Conducts are worth +5 points each, to a maximum of half your score from milestones, rounded down. (So if you achieve 4 milestones (20 points) you can earn up to 10 points from conduct bonuses.) Please indicate which conducts you qualify for when you post your morgue. Small mistakes in following conducts will usually be forgiven.

Bonus Send a unique Pan Lord or Lord of Hell to the Abyss. This will almost definitely require a distortion weapon, since they're all immune to MR effects. (Chaos effects can also do it, but are very unreliable.)

Corrupt every floor of the Dungeon, Depths, and Zot, and win the game.

Bonus challenges are worth one star each, similar to banners in Crawl tournaments. Please indicate challenges that you qualify for. Small mistakes will usually be forgiven.

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